Dallas Frazier

Induction Year: 1976

Birth Name: Dallas June Frazier
Birth Date: October 27, 1939
Place of Birth: Spiro, OK


"I'm basically country because of being raised in the heart of country music--but I have a lot of blues in my soul. My style might be credited to a very Earthy upbringing."

"I sorta live my songs as I write 'em. A lot of times my melodies come first. When I write a song I usually finish it up complete in my head before I ever set it down or even know what it's really about. I know it's been brewing, but I just have to wait for the right day to fish it out.

"Some songs are born out of sheer pressure. In 1965 while writing for Jim Reeve's Enterprises, Ray Baker, who was the plug man for the company, came to me and told me he had been with Charlie Rich earlier in the day. He said that he had told Charlie that I had a smash for him. I asked Ray which song he had in mind. Ray responded, 'I don't know, I figured you could come up with one.' HA. I started working that night, fishing for an idea but to no avail. I got up early the next morning - wrote 'Mohair Sam,' - put it on tape and then Ray took it to Charlie for a 10:00 A.M. recording session. Charlie cut it and it was a smash! It still remains one of my favorites!"


Former Occupations:
Cotton picker

Grade School - East Bakersfield (1953)
High School - McFarland High School (from 1954-1957)
College - Emmanuel Bible College (from 1985-1988); graduated with a BA in Christian Education
Graduate - Emmanuel Bible College (from 1988-1989); earned a Masters degree in Theology

Discography / Career Highlights

Career Milestones:
1952 - discovered at a talent contest (which he won) in Bakersfield, CA by Ferlin Husky 1954-1958 - worked as a feature singer on Cliffie Stone's "Hometown Jamboree" television show in Los Angeles, CA
1954 - signed first recording contract with Capitol Records
1954 - published his first song, "Ain't You Had No Bringin' Up At All", and recorded it for Capitol
1960 - had first major hit as a songwriter with "Alley Oop", which went to #1 on the charts and sold over a million copies (recorded by the Hollywood Argyles)
1963 - moved to Nashville on September 5; started working with Ferlin Husky
1963 - signed on as a writer with Blue Crest Music
1970 - debuted as a recording artist on RCA
1974 - signed as a writer with Acuff-Rose

1967 - BMI\Certificate of Achievement\There Goes My Everything\won in pop and country categories
1967 - CMA\Song of the Year\There Goes My Everything
1967 - Nashville Songwriters Association\Song of the Year\There Goes My Everything
1967 - Nashville Songwriters Association\Songwriter of the Year
1969 - CMA\Triple Play Award
1982 - Music City News\Songwriter of the Year
1982 - BMI/Robert J. Burton Award (Country Song of the Year)\Elvira

Catalog Highlights:
"Alley Oop" - Artists: Hollywood Argyles (1960), Dante and the Evergreens (1960), Dallas Frazier

"Mohair Sam" - Artists: Charlie Rich (1965), Peggy Lee (1965), Dallas Frazier (1966)

"There Goes My Everything" - Artists: Jack Greene (1966), Ferlin Husky, Elvis Presley, Englebert Humperdinck, Dallas Frazier

"Ain't Had No Lovin'" - Artists: Connie Smith (1966), Dallas Frazier

"If My Heart Had Windows" - Artists: George Jones (1967), Patty Loveless, Dallas Frazier (1970)

"Johnny One-Time" - Co-writer: A.L. "Doodle" Owens - Artists: Brenda Lee (1968), Willie Nelson

"Son of Hickory Holler's Tramp" - Artists: O.C. Smith (1968), Johnny Darrell, Dallas Frazier (1970)

"All I Have to Offer You Is Me" - Co-writer: A.L. "Doodle" Owens - Artists: Charley Pride (1969), Dallas Frazier (1970)

"Where Did They Go Lord" - Co-writer: A.L. "Doodle" Owens - Artists: Elvis Presley (1971)

"Touching Home" - Co-writer: A.L. "Doodle" Owens - Artists: Jerry Lee Lewis (1971)

"The Baptism of Jesse Taylor" - Co-writer: Sanger D. "Whitey" Shafer - Artists: Oak Ridge Boys, Johnny Russell

"Elvira" - Artists: Dallas Frazier (1966), Oak Ridge Boys (1980), Kenny Rogers

"Fourteen Carat Mind" - Co-writer: Larry Lee - Artists: Gene Watson (1981)

"What's Your Mama's Name Child?" - Artists: Tanya Tucker (1973)

"If This Is Our Last Time" - Artists: Brenda Lee

"Say It's Not You" - Artists: George Jones (1968)

"(I'm So) Afraid of Losing You Again" - Artists: Charley Pride (1969)

"Until My Dreams Come True" - Artists: Jack Greene (1969)

"I'm a People" - Artists: George Jones (1966)

"Beneath Still Waters" - Artists: Emmylou Harris (1980)


Wrote first song at 10 years old.

The song "If My Heart Had Windows" was written for Frazier's wife Sharon

Wrote "Alley Oop" while working at a cotton gin in Pond, CA

"There Goes My Everything" was inspired by a close friend's divorce

A street named Elvira in East Nashville, TN gave Frazier the idea for the song "Elvira."

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