John D. Loudermilk

Induction Year: 1976

Birth Name: John D. Loudermilk
Birth Date: March 31, 1934
Place of Birth: Durham, NC


Former Occupations:
Sign painter
Telegraph deliverer
Window dresser
Bulldozer operator
Commercial artist
Truck driver
Shoe shine boy
Paper boy
Carpenter's helper
Department-store clerk
Steam-shovel oiler
Tobacco farmer
Factory worker
Hosiery-mill worker
Cotton-gin worker
Door-to-door Bible salesman
Television cameraman
Part-time vendor at football games

Grade School--Morehead School
High School--Durham High School
College--Campbell University

Discography / Career Highlights

Career Milestones:

1945--sang for the first time on radio at age 11
1946--performed on the Little Johnny Dee Radio Show (station WTIK Durham, NC) one hour each Saturday (performed under the name Johnny Dee)
1946--won a spot on the Capitol Records Talent Contest in Charlotte, with Tex Ritter as Master of Ceremonies
1956--first major hit as a songwriter, "A Rose and a Baby Ruth" recorded by George Hamilton IV; song was a #1 pop hit
1957--"Sitting in the Balcony" became a pop hit; recorded by Loudermilk
1958--moved to Nashville; was assistant to Chet Atkins (head of RCA in Nashville)
1958--signed first publishing contract with Cedarwood Publishing
1958--1st Nashville hit, "Waterloo", recorded by Stonewall Jackson
1959--1960--signed with Acuff-Rose
1959--started performing regularly on George Morgan's WLAC-TV show
1961--debut album for RCA Victor, "Language of Love" released

Catalog Highlights:

"A Rose and a Baby Ruth" - Artists: George Hamilton IV (1956)

"Sittin' in the Balcony" - Artists: Eddie Cochran (1957)

"Waterloo" - Co-writer: Mariojhn Wilkin, Artists: Stonewall Jackson (1959)

"Sad Movies (Always Make Me Cry)"-  Artists: Sue Thompson (1962), Lennon Sisters

"Norman" - Artists: Sue Thompson (1962)

"Tobacco Road" - Artists: John D. Loudermilk, Nashville Teens, Lou Rawls, David Lee Roth, Edgar Winter

"I Wanna Live" - Artists: Glen Campbell (1968)

"Talk Back Trembling Lips" - Artists: Ernest Ashworth (1963), Johnny Tillotson

"Language of Love" - Artists: John D. Loudermilk

"Bad News" - Artists: John D. Loudermilk (1963), Johnny Cash (1964), Boxcar Willie (1982), Sammy Davis Jr.

"Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye" - Artists: Eddy Arnold (1968), Casinos

"The Lament of the Cherokee Reservation Indian (Indian Reservation)" - Artists: Paul Revere and the Raiders

"Break My Mind" - Artists: George Hamilton IV (1967), Vern Gosdin (1978)

"Blue Train (of the Heartbreak Line)" - Artists: George Hamilton IV (1973)

"Abilene" - Co-writer: Bob Gibson, Artists: George Hamilton IV (1963), Sonny James (1977)

"Windy and Warm" - Artists: Doc Watson, Chet Atkins

"It's My Time" - Artists: Dolly Parton, Jerry Reed

"Amigo's Guitar" - Artists: Kitty Wells (1960)

"Father Time and Mother Love" - Artists: Hank Snow

"When the Band Plays the Blues" - Artists: Hank Locklin

"You Take the Table and I'll Take the Chairs" - Artists: June Webb, Bob Gallion

"Half Breed" - Artists: Marvin Rainwater, Ricky Nelson

"Walkin' Down the Road" - Artists: Jimmy Newman (1959)

"Grin and Bear It" - Artists: Jimmy Newman (1959)

"Ebony Eyes"- Artists: Everly Brothers (1961)

"Angela Jones" - Artists: Johnny Ferguson

"Booboo Stick Beat" - Artists: Chet Atkins

"Stayin' In" - Artists: Bobby Vee

"Hollywood" - Artists: Connie Francis

"Dreamboat" - Artists: Connie Francis

"From Nashville With Love"

"The Little Bird"

"Ma Baker's Little Acre"

"Paper Tiger"


"Big Daddy"

"Google Eye"

"Thou Shalt Not Steal"

"Road Hog"

"All the Crying in the World"

"James Hold the Ladder Steady"


"The Night Atlanta Burned"

"Midnight Bus"

"The Little Grave"

"To Ann"

"Every Day I Learn a Little More About Love"


"Blue Myrtle"

"Classical Country String Ensemble"

"It'll Be a Long Time"

"That Ain't All"

"What a Woman in Love Won't Do"

"Brown Girl"

"The Joneses"

"Ricky's Tune"

"The Great Snowman"

"Odd Folks of Okracoke"


"Bully of the Beach"


"Bahama Mama"

"Darling Jane"

"You Deserve Each Other"

"A Dixie Cup of Sand"

"He Reminds Me of Me"

"I'm Looking For a World"

"Little World Girl"

"No Playing in the Snow"

"I'll Never Be the Same"

"Flying Fish"

"Poor Little Pretty Girl"

"Cloudy and Cool"


"The Wind Knows the Truth"

"Nassau Town"

"We Wasted Our Time"

"The Habit"


"Ballad of the Widder Jones"

"All of This For Sally"

"Interstate 40"

"Black Eyed Susan"

"Joey Stays With Me"

"Cloudy and Cool"

"Grandma's Smile"

"I Wish It Were Me"



Cousins are Ira and Charlie Loudermilk (children of John D.'s father's brother) known professionally as the Louvin Brothers

Has won a Grammy and more than 2 dozen BMI awards

Has received the Songwriters Guild of America's Aggie Award

Is listed in Who's Who in America

Charter member of the Country Music Association

Recorded for Colonial under the names Johnny Dee and Ebe Sneezer

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