Moon Mullican

Induction Year: 1976

Birth Name: Aubrey - MoonMullican
Birth Date: March 27, 1909
Place of Birth: Polk County, TX
Deceased: January 01, 1967
Place of Death: Beaumont, TX

Discography / Career Highlights

Career Milestones:

1930s--toured Texas and Louisiana with his own band
1939--went to Hollywood where he made the picture "Village Barn Dance"
1939--recorded with Leon Selph's Blue Ridge Playboys
early 1940s--worked with the Texas Wanderers
1946--went solo; began recording with King Records
1947--released his version of an old Cajun tune, "New Jole Blon" (New Pretty Blonde) on the King Label; song sold a million copies within three years
1949-1955--worked on the Grand Ole Opry
1960-1963--toured with Jimmie Davis


1947--Cashbox\Best Hillbilly Record\New Jole Blon\picked by polls

1947--Juke Box Operators Association\Best Hillbilly Record\New Jole Blon\picked by polls


Catalog Highlights:

"New Pretty Blonde (New Joie Blon)" - Artists: Moon Mullican (1947)

"Pipe Liners Blues"

"Cherokee Boogie" - Co-writer: William Redbird, Artists: Moon Mullican (1951), BR5-49 (1997)

"I Was Sorta Wonderin'"

"Moon's Tune"

"Sweeter Than the Flowers" - Artists: Moon Mullican (1948)

"I'll Sail My Ship Alone" - Artists: Moon Mullican (1950)

"Mean Mama Blue"

"It's a Sin to Love You Like I Do"

"You Don't Have to Be a Baby to Cry"

"The Lonesome-Hearted Blues"

"Saviour, Take Me By the Hand"


Wrote the campaign songs for the successful gubernatorial races of Gov. Jimmie Davis of Louisiana and Gov. Frank Clement of Tennessee

Developed style of piano playing, (two-finger right-hand style), that won for him the title "King of the Hillbilly Piano Players"

Got nickname "Moon" due to a long string of all-night gigs he played in Houston when he was in his early 20s

Has been considered to be an uncredited co-writer on Hank Williams' "Jambalaya"

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