Red Lane

Induction Year: 1993

Birth Name: Hollis Rudolph - Red Lane
Birth Date: February 09, 1939
Place of Birth: Zona, LA



Red Lane went to see Justin Tubb perform in 1964 in Louisville, played him some songs backstage and Tubb suggested putting them on tape and sending them to Buddy Killen at Tree. Killen signed Red to an exclusive songwriting deal after hearing the tape.

Discography / Career Highlights

Career Milestones:

1950s--while in Army Air Force stationed in Hawaii, played on radio show "Hawaii Calling"
1960s--started doing session work in Nashville
1964--signed as writer at Tree
1970s--recorded for RCA
1980-1983--toured as a guitar player with Merle Haggard

Catalog Highlights:

"My Friend on the Right" - Co-writer: Faron Young, Artists: Faron Young (1964)
"Country Girl" - Co-writer: Dottie West, Artists: Dottie West (1968)

"Walk On Out of My Mind" - Artists: Waylon Jennings (1968)

"They Don't Make Love Like They Used To" - Artists: Eddy Arnold (1969)

"'Til I Get It Right" - Co-writer: Larry Henley, Artists: Tammy Wynette (1973)
"My Own Kind of Hat" - Co-writer: Merle Haggard, Artists: Merle Haggard (1979)

"Miss Emily's Picture" - Artists: John Conlee (1981)

"New Looks From An Old Lover" - Co-writer: Lathan Hudson, Gloria Jean Thomas, Artists: B.J. Thomas (1983)
"The World Needs a Melody" - Co-writer: Larry Henley, Johnny Slate, Artists: Red Lane (1971), Carter Family with Johnny Cash (1972)


Won 8 BMI performance awards

Received a BMI One Million Performance Award for "New Looks From An Old Lover"



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