Carson J. Robison

Induction Year: 1971

Birth Name: Carson J. Robison
Birth Date: August 04, 1890
Place of Birth: Oswego, KS
Deceased: March 24, 1957
Place of Death: Poughkeepsie, NY


"Nature and tradition have been my best sources for material. I've learned plenty of things from her and I reckon most people could write songs about the odd characters, odd happenings right in their own backyard. I'm not aimin' to hand out any advice on how to write songs. I don't think there's a set formula for the work. My heritage and tradition has come down to me from the covered wagon days and I suppose there couldn't have been a better background for my efforts. I just hope they keep that tradition alive long after I'm gone and I hope my son carries on after me."  Charles Robison

Former Occupations:

Oilfield worker
Railroad dispatcher (Katy Railroad)

Grade School--Chetopa Grade School

Discography / Career Highlights

Career Milestones:

1904--wrote first song, "Anthem"
1922--first professional job on station KDAF (Kansas City, MO) singing and whistling; developed a unique style of whistling two tones in harmony at the same time
1924--went to New York City to audition for Victor Records and was signed to his first recording contract
1924--made first recordings for Victor on April 30, "Songbirds in Georgia" and "Whistling the Blues Away"
1924-1928--accompanied Vernon Dalhart on guitar on his recordings and sang many duets with him
1928-1931--teamed with Frank Luther and recorded songs under the alias "Bud and Joe Billings"
1932--organized his own band, "Carson Robison and His (The) Buckaroos"
1932--took band on tour to England, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and other countries, where they were known as "Carson Robison's Pioneers"; performed for King George and Queen Elizabeth (made return trips in 1936 and 1939)
mid-late 1940s--formed the group "The Pleasant Valley Boys"
1947--signed long-term exclusive recording contract with M-G-M Records
late 1940s-early 1950s--appeared on the Grand Ole Opry

Catalog Highlights:

"Wreck of the Number Nine" - Artists: Carson Robison Trio (1928)

"My Blue Ridge Mountain Home"- Artists: Carson J. Robison and Vernon Dalhart (1927)

"Barnacle Bill the Sailor"- Co-writer: Frank Luther, Artists: Carson Robison and Frank Luther (1928), Hoagey Carmichael

"Goin' Back to Texas" - Artists: Carson Robison & the Buckaroos

"Left My Gal in the Mountains" - Artists: Carson Robison & Frank Luther (1929), Burl Ives (1953), Jaye P. Morgan (1959)

"Carry Me Back to the Mountains" - Artists: Carson J. Robison & Frank Luther (1930), Roy Acuff

"Little Green Valley" - Artists: Carson Robison Trio (1928), Marty Robbins

"Carry Me Back to the Lone Prairie" - Artists: Carson Robison & the Buckaroos (1932), James Melton, Eddy Arnold

"There's a Bridle Hangin' on the Wall" - Artists: Carson Robison and the Buckaroos (1936)

"Blue River Train" - Artists: Carson Robison and the Buckaroos (1936)

"Cowboys Home in Heaven" - Artists: Carson Robison and the Buckaroos (1939)

"Life Gits Tee-Jus Don't It" - Artists: Carson Robison and His Pleasant Valley Boys (1947), Doc Watson, Arthur Godfrey, Tex Williams, Cal Tinney, Peter Lind


"I'm Goin' Back to Whur I Come From"

"Sleepy Rio Grande" - Artists: Carson J. Robison

"Why Did I Get Married"

"The Mississippi Flood" - Artists: Vernon Dalhart

"The Miami Storm" - Artists: Vernon Dalhart

"Death of Floyd Bennet" - Artists: Vernon Dalhart

"Long Long Ways From Home"

"Railroad Boomer" - Artists: Riley Puckett, Pine Ridge Boys, Tex Morton, Bud Billings & Carson Robison

"Hello, Young Lindy" 

"The Wreck of the Shenandoah"

"Ohio Prison Fire"

"1942 Turkey in the Straw"

"Home Sweet Home on the Prairie"

"The Charms of the City Ain't Fer Me"

"Settin' By the Fire"


Known as "The Kansas Jaybird"

Complete collection of Robison's personal papers, sheet music, manuscripts, etc. have been donated to the Special Collections department of the Axe Library, Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg, Kansas .

Has been nominated posthumously to the Country Music Hall of Fame.



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