Marty Robbins

Induction Year: 1975

Birth Name: Martin David - Marty Robbins
Birth Date: September 26, 1925
Place of Birth: Glendale, AZ
Deceased: December 08, 1982
Place of Death: Nashville, TN


"Do you know what talent really is? It's being able to please the people."

"What I do isn't anything great, but I have a good time and so does the audience. Knowing how to please people is the only secret for staying in the business."  Marty Robbins

Former Occupations:
Truck driver
Mechanics helper
Electrician's helper
Worked on milk truck
Ditch digger

High School--in Glendale, AZ

Discography / Career Highlights

Career Milestones:

1941--started writing songs
1946--started singing in a local nightclub
late 40s--performed on radio station KTYL in Meza, AZ
late 40s--had radio show on KPHO in Phoenix called "Chuck Wagon Time" and a television show at KPHO-TV called "Western Caravan"
1950--first songs copyrighted, "H-E-A-R-T-S-I-C-K" and "I Wish Somebody Loved Me"
1951--signed recording contract with Columbia Records
1951--first recording session on November 14 for Columbia in Los Angeles
1951--starred on own television show, "Western Caravan" on KPHO-Phoenix
1952--signed songwriting contract with publishing company Acuff-Rose
1952--first record "Love Me or Leave Me Alone"/"Tomorrow You'll Be Gone" released in April
1953--moved to Nashville
1953--joined the Grand Ole Opry
1953--first record to make the charts, "I'll Go On Alone"
1956--first #1 record (on country and pop charts) "Singing the Blues"; stayed on charts for 30 weeks
1957-58--held a series of recording sessions in New York with Ray Conniff and his Orchestra
1957--motion picture acting debut in "Raiders of Old California"
1957--formed Robbins Records in September; first recording artists signed were the Glaser Brothers
1957--first album, "Song of Robbins" released
early 1960s--started own music companies--Mariposa Music, Maricopa Music, Maricana Music and Marizona Music
1960--received what is popularly recognized as the first Grammy ever awarded to a country song, "El Paso"
1965--filmed a television series, "The Drifter"
1966--wrote western paperback novel, "The Small Man"
1969--filmed television series "The Marty Robbins Show"
1969--performed at the Fremont in Las Vegas in November; first Nashville artist to appear in Las Vegas
1970--formed Charger Records
1972--film "Country Music" was released, which Robbins wrote, produced and starred in
1975--made singing debut in Wembley, England
1976--hosted the 11th Annual ACM Awards Show
1979--caused controversy at the Opry when he brought horns on stage without approval
1981--performed at the White House at President Reagan's request
1982--during Fan Fair week, held what would be his last big gathering for fans; hosted a "Marty Party" at Opryland Hotel for over 2000 fans at his own expense; he performed for over 2 hours and stayed nearly 5 hours signing autographs
1982--last concert in Cincinnati, OH


1960--Grammy\El Paso

1970--ACM\The Man of the Decade Award

1971--Grammy\My Woman, My Woman, My Wife

1975--Great Britain Country Music Association\Entertainer of the Year

1976--Wembley Festival (London)\Best International Vocalist

1977--Grand Ole Opry\George D. Hay Award\for contribution to country music

1979--National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center (Oklahoma City)\Golden Trustee Award\for his contributions to western music

1980--Music City News Awards\Male Artist of the Year

1980--Music City News Awards\Songwriter of the Year

1981--Music City News Awards\Band of the Year\Marty Robbins Band

1982--Music City News Awards\Male Vocalist of the Year

1982--Country Music Hall of Fame induction

1982--Billboard\Artist Resurgence Award\for artist with the greatest career revival during the past year

1983--Music City News Awards\Male Vocalist of the Year

1983--Music City News Awards\Single of the Year

1983--Music City News Awards\Album of the Year

1985--Arizona Songwriters Hall of Fame induction\first member


Catalog Highlights:

"El Paso"- Artists: Marty Robbins (1959)

"My Woman, My Woman, My Wife"- Artists: Marty Robbins (1970)

"A White Sportcoat (and a Pink Carnation)"- Artists: Marty Robbins (1957)

"Devil Woman" - Artists: Marty Robbins (1962)

"Big Iron" - Artists: Marty Robbins (1960)

"I'll Go On Alone" - Artists: Marty Robbins (1952)

"I Couldn't Keep From Crying" - Artists: Marty Robbins (1953)

"Tonight Carmen" - Artists: Marty Robbins (1967)

"Don't Worry" - Artists: Marty Robbins (1961)

"Begging to You" - Artists: Marty Robbins (1964)


On June 17, 1978, Robbins drove his brand new custom-made Panther deVille onto the Grand Ole Opry stage to show his fans. Roy Acuff (the host) went after the police and Robbins received, on stage, his first parking ticket for the car

Received the Metronome Award from the City of Nashville in 1985

Appeared in the movies "Road to Nashville" and "Guns of a Stranger"

Was a stock car racer

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