Ernest Tubb

Induction Year: 1970

Birth Name: Ernest Dale Tubb
Birth Date: February 09, 1914
Place of Birth: Crisp, TX
Deceased: September 06, 1984
Place of Death: Nashville, TN


Former Occupations:
Cotton picker
Drugstore clerk
Truck driver
Grain thrasher
Ditch digger
Farm worker
Construction work (highway paving),
Mattress salesman

Grade School--Tater Hill Community School

Discography / Career Highlights


1965--Country Music Hall of Fame induction

1982--Academy of Country Music\Pioneer Award


Catalog Highlights:

"Walking the Floor Over You" - Artists: Ernest Tubb, George Hamilton IV, Justin Tubb

"Our Baby's Book" - Artists: Ernest Tubb

"Blue Eyed Elaine" - Artists: Ernest Tubb

"Tomorrow Never Comes" - Co-writer: Johnny Bond - Artists: Ernest Tubb, Elvis Presley, Statler Brothers, Slim Whitman

"Try Me One More Time" - Artists: Ernest Tubb

"It's Been So Long Darlin'" - Artists: Ernest Tubb

"I'll Never Cry Over You" - Artists: Ernest Tubb

"I'll Get Along Somehow" - Artists: Ernest Tubb

"I Wonder Why You Said 'Goodbye'" - Artists: Ernest Tubb

"Soldier's Last Letter" - Co-writer: Redd Stewart

"Letters Have No Arms" - Co-writer: Gibson - Artists: Ernest Tubb, Ray Price

"Don't Just Stand There" (When You Feel Like You're In Love) - Co-writer: C.J. Henley - Artists: Carl Smith

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